I found this moth this afternoon on the house near the azalea bushes. I’m afraid I wasn’t able to hold the camera absolutely steady, but I think you can still see most of the detail. We live outside of Savannah, GA in Pooler. The body measures 3 inches as do the wings across the widest point – at the bottom. It looks similar to the unidentified hawkmoth on your page. I have also had what I think are some tomato hornworms on my tomato plants. Thank you for any information you may be able to provide. Your website is fascinating. We have a lot of interesting bugs around here, so when I see others that look unusual, I will send you more photos.

Hi Celeste,
You have sent in a photo of a Lesser Vine Sphinx, Eumorpha fasciatus. Jim Tuttle has just brought this correction to our attention. The moth is common in the Gulf States and southward, but is sometimes reported from as far north as Massachusetts.

Location: Georgia

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