I found this thing in my hair the day after a hike in southern California. Admittedly, it could have just as easily been from my backyard. What is it?
Darcy Wronkiewicz

Hi Darcy,
Hikers in California often pick up ticks. Sorry, I don’t know the species. Luckily you found it before it bit you.

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  1. Daniel says:

    Don’t want to create a panic but it should be said that those carry two bad diseases, Lyme disease, and Rocky Mountaiin Spotted Fever. If that tick bit you enough to draw blood see a doctor for either disease.
    Any time you hike in wooded areas check your entire body for these bugs after the hike.

  2. Cathy Schabloski says:

    Having had myself, relatives and dogs bitten by ticks, and some of them having been diagnosed with lyme or suspected of having some one of the many tick bourne diseases, I would like to share this website with you for tick i.d.. You can submit your photo to them.
    Dogs get stuff just as easily as people. Depending on the immune system, any symptoms can take a week or 6 months or more to show. Disconcerting to know the ba#&%&d@ can be active in winter! You’re the 2nd one I’ve heard of this year. Take care.

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