Unknown Bug in VA
I’ve seen these around in the past, but this year they are everywhere, and by the hundreds. I’ve attached some photos. Sorry for the size, but I wanted you to get as much detail as possible. Great site.
Brad Barker

Hi Brad,
You have millipedes. These are distinguished from centipedes since they have two pairs of legs on each segment. They are relatively benign creatures that can get very numerous, as you well know, when it is warm and damp. They sometimes eat new seedlings, but mostly they eat decaying matter and help to break down debris.

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  1. Divinitysnow says:

    So what is the name of this bug? Common name and species name? Where did this bug originate from? How long has it been around?
    I hate bugs, but must know. I have found many in our home over the course of a month or so. They didn’t start invading our home until summer time hit here in Austin,Texas. Just last night I found one after the other inside our apartment. On the ceilings, floors, walls, even in my bathtub! They are everywhere outside as well. There is a small opening under my front door, I am assuming they’re getting in through there. So every night I tape the bottom of my door to block them from coming in while we sleep. I plug my ears with cotton at night while I sleep. I really hate bugs, but find them somewhat interesting, just very creepy and scary. They started popping up around May 2010 here, its June now. They weren’t around last year. Why this year? What’s so different about this year than last? These are just a few of the many questions I have swimming around in my head. Please respond if possible through whatever means. Also, what are some ways to get rid of them? Insecticides, pesticides, others? Other than taping up my door every night and every day. They are getting to be too much to handle just about. Please help!

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