Here’s a picture of one of our trees in central NM that is covered with these beetles. I think they are June bugs comparing them to a picture ;on your site. For 3 nights we have been swatting the bugs inside and just noticed tonight that all our pine trees are completely covered with these guys chewing the needles. Do you have any suggestions on how to get rid of them? We had lots of birds here but none now that the bugs are here. Much appreciate your speedy reply.
Sally Beers

Hi Sally,
It is dificult to tell exactly, but your photo does seem to indicate a June Beetle infestation.. As you must realize, they are very fond of eating pine needles. Sorry, we have no erradication advice. You could try trapping them at night when they are attracted to lights.

Thanks for getting back so quick. If you are interested, here’s what we did:
At night while all the beetles were munching away we shook the tree and gathered them in a tarp. When the sun came up they dropped from the trees and began crawling to our house. Sprayed a bit on the edges of the entry way and swept a lot up. Guess they are eating by night and sleeping in our walls by day. Today will go for bug zappers to try and get some more. Thanks so much for your help.

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