Unknown Moth
I hope you might be able to help us… My son has an insect collection which he is preparing to display at the local County Fair. He has a beautiful moth which we have been unable to identify; we haven’t seen anything like it in any book or online. The closest appears to be perhaps a hawkmoth of some kind. The body is 2 1/2 cm long and the wing length is 3 cm. His body is red with a tufted tip and the wings are mostly clear. My son needs to know the name of it and the Family, and if possible, needs to know by July 10th (Sorry for the short notice…. We tried a few days ago and got a failure notice.)
Thanks so much. (We had several of them at night at our house (in Glen Ellen, CA) over a span of a couple of weeks in October, 2003.)

Hi Loralee,
We already have a photo of Edward’s Glassy-wing, Hemihyalea edwardsi, on our butterfly and moth page. The image was sent in last December by Jeffrey in Sacramento. There isn’t much written about this moth. It is a California species and is a member of the Tiger Moth family Arctiidae. It has a close relative that lives in Colorado, Hemihyalea labecula. The chief difference between the two moths is that Edward’s Glassy-wing has pink to crimson margins on the secondary wings.

Thank you so much for a personal and PROMPT reply!! I really doubted we’d find out before his display was due! He’ll be thrilled!! (By the way, he’s only 8, but he LOVES insects, and wants to be an Entomologist when he grows up…)

Location: California

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