swarming bugs
We live in NH. Every summer evening before sunset these bugs appear in
swarms of thousands, usually in a tight, stationary "tower" maybe 2 feet across and up to 8 feet tall. They don’t bite and can’t be chased away. If they set up a "tower" over a table, and the table is moved, they will move with the table. They never, ever sit still or land so photos are difficult, but I managed to get the attached which might help. If they’re going to share our back yard with us, we’d like to know what to call them.
John C

Hi John,
It sounds like you have Water Midges from the Family Chironomidae. The larvae develop in shallow areas of lakes, ponds and streams where there is a heavy growth of aquatic plants. Adults emerge in such numbers as to be a nuisance, but fortunately, they do not bite. According to Hogue: “Small clouds of males are frequently seen hovering in the air over or near water. At times, they form larger clouds that look like smoke over trees or tall structures; these aggregations are attractive to females and are the chief mating strategy of many species. Tremendous numbers may also gather around lights on warm summer evenings.”

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