Northern Dolomedes

Would love to know what spider this is and if it should be relocated? Thank you, Jennifer Stevens Hi Jennifer, We are craving more information, like exact size and location. Our guess is that you have photographed a beautiful Northern Dolomedes, Dolomedes scriptus, or possibly the Dark Dolomedes, Dolomedes tenebrosus, in late afternoon sunlight. These … Read more

Tortoise Beetle

Gold Bug Dear Bugman Hope you can help ID this bug. Found amongst grass/meadow flowers in China, Guangxi. Thought it was a small button at first being about 10mm across, shiny, golden/bronze with a domed transluscent ‘plastic’ disc for protection. Small feelers scanned ahead and when disturbed the four suction cupped feet clamped the body … Read more

Drowned Trap-Door Spiders

I was cleaning my pool last week and this week and I pulled one of these out each time both were dead. Can you please positively identify them for me. Thank you for your time Hank Schuchardt Brooksville,Fl. Hi Hank, You have a species of Trap-Door Spider, so called because they build a burrow in … Read more

Western Box-Elder Bug

Hello, I have been looking for someone to help me find out what kind of bug we have, and how to possibly get rid of them (as in, what will eat them). For as long as I can remeber we have had these bugs in our yard, and never had a problem. Unfortounatly, they have … Read more

Cottonwood Leaf Beetle

Hello Bugman, I have to tell you just how interesting I have found your website. It has become quite habit forming. I am attaching 3 photos of a bug in various stages. These army of creapers have taken over my Weeping Willow Tree and are eating it up. Can you please tell me what they … Read more