What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

Any idea what type of beetle this is. I found it crawling across my kitchen floor. It’s a dark brown color with orange/tan legs underneath the body. A nickle is a shown on the attached photo for size comparison. I live in Madison, Wisconsin (south central Wisconsin).
Where do they nest?
Are they poisonous?
Do they come in numbers?
Do I need and exterminator?

The Stag Beetle photos are beginning to arrive. You have a species from the genus Pseudolucanus, probably P. capreolus, a male that can be identified by his large jaws. The grubs can be found in decaying logs and wood. The adults fly and are attracted to lights, which explains the presence in the kitchen. They do not swarm, but are seasonal, so you may encounter additional specimens. They are not poisonous, and the jaws can pinch, but will rarely break the skin. You do not need an exterminator.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

3 Responses to Stag Beetle: Psuedolucanus capreolus

  1. Keri Olmsted says:

    I just had one in my kitchen this morning 5/15/18 pardeeville area

  2. PLC says:

    i have seen two in the office in appleton one like 10 mins ago and one sunday afternoon around 5pm ..

  3. Sarah Brown says:

    I had the life scared out of me by one of the giant beetle while in the bathroom at 3am. My hero Ally the cat came to my rescue. She batted it carefully out of the way so I could escape.
    We, Ally and I then caught it and released it to the backyard. Glad to learn that these monster beetle is a gentle giant.

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