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Gold Bug
Dear Bugman
Hope you can help ID this bug. Found amongst grass/meadow flowers in China, Guangxi. Thought it was a small button at first being about 10mm across, shiny, golden/bronze with a domed transluscent ‘plastic’ disc for protection. Small feelers scanned ahead and when disturbed the four suction cupped feet clamped the body down. May have been able to fly.
Sorry for the poor image.

Hi Bruce,
I cannot tell you an exact species name since I don’t have a guide to Chineese Beetles, but it is a Tortoise Beetle, Family Cassidinae. They get their name from their form. Many of them are beautifully colored in life, but the golden hues rapidly fade after death. Many feed on sweet potatoes and other Convulvulaceae, like morning glories.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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  1. Bonnie Dale says:

    I, too, have found this beautiful gold beetle on my sweet potato plant. Are they “good ” to have around as the ladybug is? Or will they turn into an unwanted bug?

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