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i LOVE your site, I was looking up the Dobsonfly larva, & noticed you only have one picture,so I thought you might like another one of the larva this one was 4- 5 inches long and about an inch wide, coulden’t belive it was that big, I have more pictures of it’s head,very close up, if you want them oh yeah the reason I e-mailed you was do you have a news letter? if you do I’d Love to get it,I can see why you got the yahoo pick of the week AWSOME SITE!! very well put together, & it’s easy to find what your looking for thanks,
Tina Johnston-Wilson
Goderich Ontario Canada
keep up the great work

Thank you so much Tina,
Your photo is beautiful. We do not have a newsletter. Just keeping the site updated is a handful, though we have toyed with the idea of trying to publish a book. Also thank you for the navigating compliment. I just received another letter from someone complaining she couldn’t find anything on the site. We would love to get the head photos.

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