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Egg case, Cocoon, Chrysalis?
I’ve found a few of these around the house (a couple on the house), and I’m wondering what they are. Ibelieve I opened one up a couple years ago without seeing one single ‘thing’ inside, which lead me to believe that it was some kind of egg case. ‘little help? btw, just discovered the sight; thanks for being here!

Hi Gerrold,
It looks to me like you might have Preying Mantis egg cases. The females spray a type of foam to insulate the eggs against a severe winter and also to protect them from other harm.

Mantis egg-cases hatched!
Thanks again for your response, and I thought you might be interested in what we discovered this morning.

As the attatched pictures show, we have baby mantises! My camera wouldn’t get quite as close as I would’ve liked , but you might be able to make out a baby hanging entangled from the case in picture #1. He was small, ill formed, and not moving, so I put him on the bench & shot him away from the case. Then I noticed he was moving, ever so slightly(possibly they emerge from the case in a state rather like that of a butterfly leaving the cocoon, and need some time to ‘puff up and dry out’. Afterwards, we found one of his brethren on our Buddleia (butterfly bush), and I managed to snag a couple of pics of him scouting her new ‘digs’. This guy is about a quarter of an inch long, the eggling was maybe an eight of an inch.

Wow Gerrold,
That is so exciting. Thank you so much for the follow-up letter and the beautiful photographs. We are posting them immediately. Please continue to send us mantis photos if possible. We would love to post some eating photos as well as fully grown specimens.

(06/14/2004) Mantis Brood Update
Are you a victim of success? Couldn’t get to the site today, but here’s an update for you on my baby mantis brood. I found one of the ‘kids’ on my Hardy Hibiscus today; (S)he’s a hair over half an inch, eyeballs to end of abdomen (if it was held oyt straight, instead of canted up like that). No dining pictures yet–That’d be a stroke of luck, but I will keep my fingers crossed.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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