Spotted Cucumber Beetle?

I’ve been watching an insect in my sun garden for two days now. It looks a bit like a lady beetle or lady beetle larva, but the head seems different – just small and black – no big platey head with white patches – and it has very long antennae. Also, it is yellow. It … Read more

June Beetle

Hello, Any idea what bug this is? I found it flying outside near the top of my birch tree. Thank you Hal Hi Hal, You have a species of June Beetle. Your photo isn’t the best quality and it is difficult to tell if the color is really golden or if it is a reflection … Read more

Potato Bug

what is this? a picture I took recently of a bug. What is it? heidi Hi Heidi, It is a Jerusalem Cricket, Potato Bug or Nino de la Tierra, depending on who you are talking to. They are members of the cricket order Othoptera and live underground.

Black Witch

Any ideas what this is? I live in Arizona and this big huge moth thing flew into my patio one day, I looked online and it looked like a Giant Wich Moth. I am I right? Brandi Diaz You are absolutely right Brandi. It is a Black Witch, Ascalapha odorata.