Wow! What a great website and service you are providing.
Yesterday 5/10/04 while working in the garden in South Jersey, I was nearly run over by a female Dobson fly!
I didn’t know what it was. I thought maybe a lace wing but when I looked it up on the web, I knew it wasn’t. Thus began my search to identify this beautiful insect. I found your site and was happy to see all of the recent postings on Dobson flies. I’d like to learn about it’s life cycle and what it feeds upon but when I go to the link at the left that you spoke of , it takes me right back to the e-mails again.
My 5 year old daughter (and future entomologist, i think) was absolutely fascinated by her. Everytime we took the fly and placed it onto a tomato plant it would fly to her and land on her!
"Look Daddy, it likes me."
Too cool…………
Nick Pinizzotto
Pittsgrove, NJ

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