Dear Editor,
I got this email and the attachment says the person got bitten by this spider had this kind of severe wound. I’d like to ask if a spider bite can really cause this kind of wounds? The spider doesn’t look like a black widow or like kind.
NC .

And now the bite:

Day 5 and Day 6

Day 9 and Day 10

Dear Nora,
According to Hogue: The Brown Recluse or Violin Spider, Loxosceles species, has come to the public’s attention beginning in the late 1960’s as a possible spider menace. The venom of these spiders acts on the tissues locally, rather than on the nervous system in general like the Black Widow. This causes a troublesome sore, which may grow in size and be so s=resistant to healing that plastic surgery is indicated. Violin spiders build their small loose webs in dark recesses. Common habitats outdoors are wood piles, spaces in and under stones and wood debris loosely set on the ground. and piles of broken concrete. Indoors, they occupypacking crates,piles of old books and newspapers, and other accumulations of trash. They are rare in Los Angeles.

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