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I have these very strange bug/cocoon things hanging all over the outside of my house, and they are on the inside of the porch. The just appear to hang there, and occasionally they must move, but I have never seen them move. I have attached several pictures of them on the porch. We live in South Florida and they are here all year. Any input would be appreciated.
Best Regards,
Daniel Foster

Dear Daniel,
Sorry for the delay in answering. You have a type of Casebearer, Family Coleophoridae. This is a type of moth which forms a case in the larval stage and pupation occurs in the case. They are often pests on apple and other fruit trees.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Florida

13 Responses to Cocoon Bugs are Case Bearing Moth Larvae

  1. Dale says:

    Recently, Daniel Foster wrote you a description of what you thought to be a case bearing moth. They live in south Florida. We live in Northern California and we have similar casings, however, they are rectangular in shape and looks like they have tiny legs surrounding the bottom and look spinny, almost prehistoric. Have any ideas?

    • bugman says:

      Without a photo it is difficult to be certain. Depending upon the building materials, cases in different areas might exhibit variations. Also, we would not overrule Carpet Beetle Larvae based on your description.


      I’ve noticed that these NASTY MOTHS ARE EATING MY LAWN AS WELL!

    • Jennifer says:

      I think you may have carpet beetles

  2. Janine says:

    Another South Floridian here. These cocoons are ubiquitous in our area – and after almost 30 years of life, I finally saw one move for the first time just now! Hooray!

    Thanks for the identification, Bugman.

    • bugman says:

      Wow, you found one of the oldest postings on our site of a Casebearing Moth Larva. We must have posted nearly a hundred newer ones since then.

  3. RuthAnn says:

    I live in the Tamps area of Florida and have the white case moths in my house.
    They are the same as the picture Daniel sent you. I do see them creep on the floor and when I spray them tnje moth tries to get out of the case and dies.
    I see them flying at night but csant spray them quick enough. HOW do I get rid of them?? Also, how do the multiply or reproduce?

  4. Sandra says:

    I grew up in Florida but I have never seen these things till 10 years ago, I do see them in my house often, usually on a wall & I have seen them move especially when they somehow end up on the floor, one was just squirming now but I have never seen a moth in my home & I had no idea what these moving very flat cocoon’s were ?


    Just got to Florida a couple of months ago. Don’t remember seeing them in California, certainly not in this amount. They’re all over, and I think ‘creepy’. You say they eat fruit trees are they bad for anything else, we have no fruit trees around here. As I try to sweep or wash them off the walls of the house, I often think someone ought to find a way to use them for glue, they’d become millionaires.

    • Brian says:

      Also in florida (Ft. pierce) , what and how do you get them off the house , can’t paint till they are gone and any idea on how they get there in the first place , wonder if they crawl up the wall or fly onto ??

  6. Anna Leuenberger says:

    We have something similar in southern New Mexico. They are little green worms moving from our mimosa tree to our patio, hot tub cover, around the hot tub, and at the junction of roof , overhang and pillars. Nasty things. We flattened the end of a metal pole to scrape them off high areas and use a wire brush on lower areas. Ive never seen them hatch. We battle them all summer long but this year I will use a dormant oil spray on the tree I tracked them to and hopefully kill the little devils.

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