Thanks so much for your prompt reply. I had to laugh at your response. I do get my nails done, but at the same time I am fascinated by bugs, lizards – critters in general. I’m a birder and I love to photograph wildlife. I know most women cringe at critters, but not me! Too bad you can’t identify our backyard lizard. I can’t identify him myself, using photos on the internet – I’ll copy a picture of him just for the heck of it, but I know you’re an expert on bugs, not lizards.

Hi Suze,
You have a tropical iguana running around your yard. Many people keep them as pets and they
escape or outgrow their homes, and they release them. They find the Florida climate very hospitable,
just like people, and they continue to grow and even reproduce. They love swimming pools as well.
Please continue to write when you have questions.

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