what are palmetto bugs and where did they get that name??????????

Palmetto bugs are very large, flying cockroaches. They are found in warmer climates, like Florida, and they get their name because they are often found near palmetto trees.

is there anyway to get rid of them?

Since they live outdoors, and can fly from location to location, mass annihilation of the species is the only way to keep them out of your yard. Since this is not feasable, and since they are not really pests, just a frighteningly large annoyance, I suggest learning to ignore them.

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  1. Lvc says:

    I just moved to Pinellas county Fl. I live in a trailer, near woods. Tonight I killed my first palmetto bug. It was huge. Followed by a small, fast moving “bug”. I’ve been on Internet all night. Apparently they fly & bite? I’ve had a lot of large in size bites on my legs, they look nasty & I keep getting more. Are they from the palmetto? Should I feel them on my skin? Are they a danger to my dog? I read they occasionally come indoors but when looking for warmer climate?? It’s rained all day & yet in here! I’ve dunces turned on my A/C full blast & closed windows. Scared to sleep. All lights are on too. Any answers???

    • bugman says:

      We doubt that the bites you are finding on your legs have come from Palmetto Bugs. We do not believe they pose any danger to your dog, though they might provide a protein treat if your dog or a cat decides to try to eat one.

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