Identifying spiders

My five year old is in kindergarten and LOVES spiders. He has quite an impressive collection of toy spiders. He wants to identify them for a science fair. I have managed to find 2/3 of them in online photos and books, but the rest remain a mystery. There is a chance that the remaining ones … Read more

Lady Bug

ok anyone out there know how to get rid of the lady bugs in ky? we have tried everything house is tight but they are still getting in. a person could make a million dollars with a great answer. i dont have a million but bet ya people would buy the idea if it works.we … Read more

Praying mantis

Hi, Bugman. Is it true that a male praying mantis must have his head bitten off by the female he is mating with, in order to ejaculate? If so, that would be quite a decision to make, it seems to me! For the male, that is. And is this uncommon in the insect world? What … Read more