Ok, these things are disgusting. I have found two of these horrible creatures in my yard, all in a two seek span. Where are they coming from and how can I get rid of them? I feel guilty killing anything, but these things are too much to bare sight of. What can I do so they won’t return? Also, after reading some info. on your site, it was mentioned they are not poisonous. But, what would one do if biten by one of these things?
Terrified in San Fernando Valley

Dear Terrified,
I can’t think of anything you could do to get rid of your potato bugs as they are burrowing insects and you would need to make your entire yard toxic to poison them, which whould probably have more dire consequences to you and your family than to the potato bugs. They are not poisonous, as you point out, and if bitten you will probably cry out since the jaws are powerful and the bite painful, though it is doubtful the bite would draw blood.

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