I found these flat(they almost look like ticks) brown bugs living in the seams of and on my box spring part of the mattress set. When you squash them they’re full of blood. What are they?!

This is bad. They are bedbugs. Yes they really do exist. According to Borror and DeLong in their book An Introduction to the Study of Insects, “The Common Bed Bug, Cimex lectularius, are flat, oval bugs about 1/4 inch in length which feed by sucking blood from birds and mammals. The Common Bed Bug is frequently a serious pest in houses, hote.s, barracks, and other living quarters. It attacks animals other than man. The Common Bed Bug is largely nocturnal, and during the day hides in cracks in a wall, under the baseboard, in the springs of a bed, under the ridge of a mattress, under wallpaper, and in similar places. Its flatness makes it possible for it to hide in very small crevices. Bed Bugs may be transported from place to place on clothing, in luggage or furniture, or they may migrate from house to house. Bed Bugs are important primarily because of their irritating bites. They are apparently unimportant as disease vectors.” Here is a photo from Essig of a bedbug feeding on a finger.

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