Fiddler Beetle from Australia

unknown Beetle Dear Bugman, Today I found this exquisite beetle in my back yard, unfortunately something else ha d found him first. : ( I was wondering if you would be able to tell me what kind of beetle he is as no-one I know has seen one like him before. I’ve included a couple … Read more

Kissing Bugs

I found your site today and I really enjoyed it. Reading about many of the "lil critters" reminded me of something i saw on a show on tv once. Now, first off, i saw this a long time ago, and do not remember the story exactly, but i think i can give a fairly good … Read more

Murdered Mantis

Mr. bugman, I am 11 y.o. i had a praying mantis, and fed him many bugs, mostly crickets and butterflys. I put in a katydid (my dad thinks) with a stinger like thing in his cage. When I checked on him, he was dead and his head was eaten off by this katydid thing half … Read more

Soil Problems

Hi, Bugman. I’m writing in regards to an insect problem I have with a few of my houseplants. In two of my larger pots, I have what appear to be extremely small mobile grains of rice crawling through the dirt. I would have attached pictures, but I couldn’t get a decent closeup. After searching around … Read more