hi, wondering if you can help … i live in the hollywood hills, of los angeles. i saw a bug in my house yesterday that looked like a double A duracell battery with what seemed like claws. it was probably 3 inches in length and a half inch in width excluding it’s appendages. i am not a bug person and thought about stepping on it – but it was so big, i didn’t want to make the mess. instead, i flicked it across the room with some cardboard. it landed on its back and seemed to have a hard time turning over, right side up. while on it’s back, i was able to open the door and fling it outside. it was creepy as can be. i’m wondering if you know the type of bug it may have been? any pictures of it? it was gross to me … any help would be great,
brad in los angeles

Hi Brad,
Possibly a Potato Bug or Jerusalem Cricket.

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