I work in Medina Ohio and one of My Marines found this bug and we would like to know what it is?? It is about 4 inchs long thank for any help you can give.
SSgt Horton USMC

Dear SSgt Horton,
Your Marines have captured a female Ichneumon Wasp (Meharhyssa species). That long "stinger" is in fact her ovipositor, and she locates wood boring grubs inside trees with her acute hearing, and penetrates the wood with the ovipositor, depositing an egg near the living grub. The egg hatches and has a living dinner, feasting on the grub until the grub dies from the parasite. We have additional information in our Buggy Biography section as well as on the wasp page of www.whatsthatbug.com. Thank you for the great photo.

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  1. Randy Terry says:

    Are they poisonous I have seen one around my house on a dead tree in the backyard

  2. Krystle says:

    Do they sting

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