worst bug story ever
Just found your site – great work!! Read "Worst Bug Story Ever" and was wondering, did you ever identify the culprit bug? Sounds like bed bugs to me – am I close? They are reported to be real problems in the East esp. hotels and motels. Can you dish any dirt on these little devils? Thanks,

Dear Ron,
There is no true way you can identify a bug by its itch. While bedbugs, Cimex lectularius, are a possibility, we believe our victims of the worst bug story ever were plagued by some type of bird mite.
Hogue writes: "When indoors, the Common Bedbug feeds exclusively on human blood, invading the bed at night for its meals. although the bite may cause immediate pain in some individuals, the first indication of its presence is often only dark stains on the bed sheets from the bug’s excrement or the itching of bites the next day. Heavy infestations of bedbugs also are accompanied by a characteristic disagreeable musky odor that comes from the bugs’ scent glands, which are similar to those possessed by stink bugs. Some people assume that the source of infestations is dirt or old clothing, and these mistaken ideas probably stem from the bug’s ability to withstand long periods without food. Infestation always begins, of course, by introduction from other preexisting infestations. and the bug easily finds transportation on clothing, bedding, or overstuffed furniture. During the day bedbugs hide in crevices in walls and floors, behind wall decorations, and in furniture.

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