Dear Bugman,
I was wondering if you can tell me what purpose that mosquitos serve. We all know that bees are for pollination and that ladybugs eat aphids but what purpose does the mosquito serve in the insect world. This is something I have tried researching all to no avail.

Dear Steve,
You are forcing me to get philosophical. Charles Darwin, though he is primarily known for his theory of evolutionism, also was intrigued by the complex interactions of organisms within the universe. Eliminate one species from the equation and the delicate balance could be forever overturned, setting into play the destruction of life as we know it. Now I’m not saying that if mosquitos were obliterated, everything would die, but they do serve as an important link in the food chain. Dragonflies, swallows and many fish are dependant upon the lowly pestilence known as the mosquito for their existance. Eliminate the mosquito and the swallows might no longer return to Capistrano or any other place for that matter. They serve a purpose, and just because we don’t know exactly what it is, does not lessen that purpose.

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