I have been trying to find out information regarding the habits of crickets and hope that you could answer a couple of questions for me. When do crickets lay their eggs? (time of year, time of day)How many do they lay? How long does a cricket live? Do they "Mate" for life? I thank you in advance for any help on this.
Renee Greenman

Hi Renee,
I will try to answer all your questions. I’m guessing you mean Field Crickets, Acheta (or Gryllus) assimilis, though there are many types of crickets which have different habits and habitats. Field Crickets are black and over a half an inch in length. They are nocturnal. They lay their eggs in the fall and the female buries them in the ground with her ovipositor. Several hundred eggs are laid singly in the ground. A cricket that lives an entire year is long lived, and a female needs only mate once to lay eggs, but one could hardly consider them to be monogomous.

(11/15/2003) Ugly Basement Bug
Hi bugman … we have been having a problem with a large hopping bug. They are in our basement (they are not crickets). They’re large (about and inch long) with a softish type brownish colored shell body and long legs (about 1-1/2" long). Legs are brown with beige striped. They’re very quick and hop away – very hard to kill and some have been immune (it seems) to the only spray we had in house (hornet spray). They are VERY VERY UGLY. Sorry we cannot supply a photo. Help!

Dear Louiseann,
I’m guessing Camel Crickets which have a very high arched back. Here is an image. They are fond of dark places and often take up residence in basements. They are relatively harmless.

Dear Daniel….. you are right on…. our bug is definitely the Camel Cricket….and now you mentioned "dark" , they do tend to be found at night. When we go downstairs in evening and turn light on, we’ll spot one or two. Thanks so much – I feel very relieved – they looked so prehistoric! You are really knowledgeable. Appreciate your efforts and thanks for getting back to me.

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