I have a home on Dauphin Island, Alabama. Over Labor Day weekend, we discovered on of the most beautiful flying insects, unfortunately we had no camera. It had two black wings (almost blue they were so black) with three white dots on each wing, perfectly matched. The body was a typical insect body,k thick black with a vivid, very red tail. It was about an inch long and about an inch and a half wide. we didn’t get close enough to see if there was a stinger!! These insects had quickly built at least three black web-like nests. I noticed them flying in and around our palm trees and oleanders. What could they be and are they destructive? I have been looking in web-site after web-site and can find nothing close. Thanks for your help.
Paul Weaver

Originally, we thought Paul might have had a peach tree borer or perhaps a species of damsel fly, but we were never convinced and decided to do more research. Then we got Lyn’s letter and have forewarded the response and photo to him.

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