Finally Identified as the Polka Dot Wasp Moth

Red, White and Blue Insect I wrote to you about a month ago about a red , white and blue insect. I finally have a couple of pictures. Hopefully these will help you identify these insecects. Still very curious in Birmingham, Alabama. Thank you, Lyn note: Here is Lyn’s original letter, lost in the bowels … Read more

great site!

Thanks! I really enjoyed that … your site was featured in Cool Tricks & Trinkets Email newsletter today … and although I find bugs creepy, I was irrationally drawn to check out your site … is that kind of like slowing down for an accident? Maybe. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I … Read more

Noisy Tree

I have a neighbour who has a problem with a sound coming from a tree in his backyard ( we live in southern Ontario). It sounds quite a bit like a sqwaking bird but on investigation there does not seem to be a bird present. The sound begins at dusk and continues EVERY 5 seconds!!! … Read more