While walking with the kids by the river, I found the biggest bug I’ve ever seen. After I put in a cup and brought it home, we put it in a large jar. Then the task of looking up what the heck the bug was. Turns out, via your web site I found it, after about a half hour of searching google. Sure enough its a Dobson fly! Thank you so much for the information. The kids think its cool and scary at the same time, I’ve told them it’s harmless.
Judy Lillie,
Wausau Wisconsin

Yes Judy, the Dobsonfly is harmless. I’m so glad you found our site helpful. We have been getting numerous letters about Dobsonflies. Apparently, there was a dearth of information, or at least difficult to locate information on them before we went online. Have a nice day and keep appreciating insects for their amazing diversity and beauty. Might I recommend a video called "Microcosmos" that has amazing footage of insects, though unfortunately, no Dobsonflies. Have a nice day.

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