i found this bug outside my home in rural NC a few weeks ago. What is this bug?

Dear Samantha,
It looks like a type of Assassin Bug, but I can’t tell you the exact species.

Any Insectologists out there? Anybody have a clue as to what kind of insect this is? I found it just now on my screen door.

Dear Fred,
Looks like a hemipteran (true bug) of some type, maybe an assassin bug. I have inquiries out to some experts. I will get back to you. Your photo is amazing.

Location: North Carolina

2 Responses to Wheel Bugs

  1. drswanny says:

    The first image appears to be a teneral wheel bug, but I’m not sure because of the image quality. The second image is clearly a wheel bug nymph.

    • bugman says:

      Dear Dan,
      Thanks so much for clearing up our old Assassin Bug IDs. There are numerous comments awaiting my approval and I will not be thanking you individually for all your work. Rest assured that it is greatly appreciated.

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