Dear Bugman,
I was so thrilled to have a coworker identify this Hellgrammite and that I actually found your site to get further information. I live in the Harrisburg area and was quite amazed by this beautiful but scary thing perched on a patio chair around July 19. I thought this picture really showed him off well. He hung out a few hours on the back of the chair (I wasn’t about to chase him away!) and snuck away at some point. He was FOUR inches, and we live at least a mile away from the water (Susquehanna River and also Yellow Breeches creek), so I guess he lost his way. . . Thanks for being there

Dear Pat,
Wow, thanks for the awesome photo. We have recently gotten many letters, and most with photos, of Dobsonflies. We are soon going to update the website with a gallery of them. I can’t wait to post yours. He is a male, hence the enormous jaws. Thanks again.

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