I found this beetle dead at Angel’s Gate art center in the Point Fermin Area of San Pedro, Calif. Could you please help me identify it. Latin name, common name and something about its life style. This is the first time I have seen this beetle. Thank you.

Dear Yvetta,
Thanks for sending in the photo. Your specimen is a Eucalyptus Long Horned Borer, Phoracantha semipunctata. They were probably introduced to California in 1982 near El Toro, and it has steadily moved throughout Southern California. The grubs bore into Eucalyptus trees, often weakening them. They are considered a pest.

Thank you so much. It was a new one to me. I will be on the lookout. We will put it in the collection.

Ed. Note: We just received this information:
(08/09/2005) identifications Hello –
I was recently shown your site, and it is excellent. My specialization is longhorned beetles, and in cruising around I notice a number of incomplete or uncertain IDs for this family. I don’t know if you are interested in receiving this sort of input, but if you are, I offer the following additions to your identifications.
The eucalyptus borer in this photo (and also shown elsewhere on one of the other pages of your site) is Phoracantha recurva, nor P. semipunctata. Both species now have become well-established in California. Cheers.
Frank Hovore

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