I have photos if necessary. It’s not an earwig, but approximately that size. This bug is solid black, no wings, doesn’t reduce size really at the abdomen and what not. Small legs, nothing like a cricket. Not like a beetle, nothing like a cockroach. We’ve found a few of these crawling across the floors lately, and it freaks out my wife hehe. Any ideas? Would the photos help?

Dear David,
Photos always help. Might be a rove beetle. There is a species known as the Devil’s Coach Horse, Staphylinus olens, that is solid black. It is a true beetle, though is rather atypical appearing. They are European imports, and eat snails and slugs, hence are advantageous to the gardener. Both adults and grubs are adept hunters.

Amazing. I have searched the web for a few days, identify a bug sites, all kinds of crazy stuff. Nothing. No where. I email you and you instantly know what it is. I attached the pictures of the one specimin I photographed closely. I googled up a bunch of photos. But the photos I have seen of live ones and what not, if there are no very close relatives, that is it.
You said they are European imports. So they are already across the United States? They are in Salt Lake City anyway. A little more reading on them, they say they raise up like a scorpion when scared, release a stinky smell from their abdomen (true) does not sting but can give a painful bite. We are not gardeners, we live in brand new apartments, and we are finding them in our house. Should something be done? Or should we just scoop them up and let them outside? Thanks again on identifying it, with such a vague des
cription really. Best site 🙂
google.com search identify a font.
The site, identifies fonts, asks one question at a time, and identifies the font, to 2 or three fonts out of like 10,000 fonts. A bug site like that, would be amazing. I’m not much of a bug expert, but if you wanted any design help for such a site, let me know.

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