I saw this insect in my loft apartment in Augusta, GA. The building is relatively old, somewhere around 60-80 years old I would guess. Anyhow, the insect I’m writing about is a cricket-like animal with grasshopper-ish big legs. It’s relatively gray/brown in color, and quite ugly if I say so myself. Definitely not as exotic looking as a house centipede (which, by perusing through your site, I found out are the things that are also some of my roommates from time to time!). Anyways, it looks harmless, but it’s kind of big in >hat it has a body roughly the size of a marble (maybe a little smaller, or bigger for that matter), and those hind legs are just huge compared to it’s body in that the body is not as elongated as a cricket or a grasshopper. Great sight!

Dear David,
It could be a Camel Cricket, family Rhaphidophoridae. See if this photo looks right.

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