I live in the midwest and recently relandscaped a good portion of my lawn and had bluegrass sod laid. ok so it was a very warm dry winter then 2 days after sod was laid the spring rains started and just keep coming. Problem is 2 monthes later the rains still come 1 or 2 times a week. there are lots of mushrooms growing in the new sod but that dosen’t bother me i know it will dry up soon. the problem is the sodded area seems to be infested with small dark colored flying bugs larger than gnats but smaller than the average house fly.the sod is still deep green but im worried that this could be a damaging infestation! what kind of insecticide should be used ? can you tell me what kind of bug this could be? thanks in advance!
Robert Bouchard

Dear Robert,
Many nonbiting gnats including Root Gnats (Family Sciaridae) and March Flies (Family Bibionidae) spend their maggot form eating decaying plant material such as compost, peat and spaghnum. They are scavengers who often live among the roots of grasses. There was probably a substrate of manure and compost laid beneath your sod, and that is where the flies are breeding. They will not damage your lawn as they do not feed on the living grass.

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  1. Scott Willman says:

    My house has been invaded by 2 species of flying insects about 2 years ago and about the same time as far as I can tell. Fungus Gnats(Mycetophilidea & Sciaridae) and Phorid Flys(Phoridea), Also about that time I had the tiny black Fleas brought into the house by a relative with a dog which is not something I would have let happen if I would have been the one to answer the door. These Fungus Gnats get into my hair and bite or sting with authority, the flea bite is also quite painful. I have been using “TEA TREE OIL” & an environmentally friendly spray which helps, but when I think I am about to win the war it turns out only to be a skirmish. My main observation is this, I have found all over the bedclothes and my own tidywhities what look to be under magnification (a 50 power jeweler’s loop) very tiny thread which is wrapped so that it resembles a tiny skein of knitters yarn only made up of a number of different colors in one skein (usually BLUE, RED, GREEN & BROWN). To the NAKED eye they look like a speck which would fit though the eye of a needle. One thought I have is that this is the waste from the tormentors. Thanks for having a site like this so the folk, such as myself can find help and hopefully regain a normal life. One other observation is that my wife is not bothered by these DEMONS at all and thinks I am CRAZY. …RADARONE…03/12/2019…

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