From the monthly archives: "April 2003"

Hi Mr. Bugman,
We found this on our daughter’s wall in her bedroom and of course think the worst. We thought it was a tick. My husband says it’s "pinchers" were open. Can’t find it on the net anywhere. Any ideas???
Itchy in Syracuse, NY

Dear Itchy,
It is a harmless pseudoscorpion.

We had these little red bugs in our window seals we didn’t have them last year but this year we do they are the size of a pin drop with little legs if you can’t think of what they are I will have my husband send a picture of them but there just in the window seal.

Hi Kim,
Certain types of Running Mites, family Erythraeidae, are bright red. They look like tiny spiders. They are predatory, feeding on other mites and small insects. They will not harm you nor your home.

When working in our garden my wife found a worm-like insect about 1-1/2" long and 1/4-1/2" wide, with a white translucent body and a pair of forward pinchers and bulging eyes. My mother-in-law says it is a "nino de la Tierra." Sorry no photos. Can you help?

Dear V.
Niño de la Tierra is a Spanish common name for the fearsome potato bug, or Jerusalem cricket. The navajo call them "wo wee ts’inii" which means skull insect or bone neck beetle. They fit your description. They belong to the genus Stenopelmatus. T
ake a look at It’s an entire website devoted to this good looking creature. We stole this photo from them.

I added a few other pictures. Not sure what they all are but hopefully you can use them somewhere! Let me know if you can view these pictures and if you like them. I have a some more pics of other bugs. I didn’t want to over load you with a bunch of pictures you didn’t want. You have my permission to use them as you please if any of them are worth posting! Take care
Bruce Rose
Huntingtown, MD

Thanks, Bruce,
for the wonderful photo of the periodical cicada, or 17-Year Locust.