Dear What’s that Bug,
On vacation a few weeks ago we spotted quite a big, wonderful insect, but we’re note able to find it in any of our books. Can you tell more about it ? The most impressing thing was it’s size, it’s really huge for an insect I think… We found it in the french pyrenees at about 1800 mtr height, walking in the grass. It looks grasshopper-like at first glance. has six green legs, but the hind legs are not really bigger then te rest as with regular grasshoppers. It didn’t seem to jump, just walked. The body is mainly green with yellowish segments or rings, totally about 5 or 6 cm long, 1.5 cm thick. No wings, and a large scary-looking brown ‘needle’ at it’s back (about 2 cm long ?). Head and body are separated by a brownish stiff-looking joint. Any idea what this could be ?

Dear Ico,
My guess is a member of the order Orthoptera, which includes crickets, grasshoppers, mantids and the like. No wings implies an immature or nymph stage. It could be a walking stick or even a French praying "preying" mantis. A more detainled description, or better yet, a photo, would help.

I saw that someone asked about a bug spotted in the French Pyrenees. It seems to be the same kind we saw this autumn. See image at the bottom of: . After some investigations we found that it is a female Ephippiger Ephippiger (I think it is called saddle-backed bush cricket in English) The brown "stick" is the egg laying tube.
Jorun Boklöv

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