Yellow Eyed Wasp from South Africa

Subject: idenifying an insect
Location: Kimberley, South Africa
February 19, 2014 3:53 am
We saw this bright yellow eyed fly in November near Kimberley, South Africa.
Any idea what it is?
Tjeerd de Wit
Signature: t de wit

Sand Wasp or Fly???
Sand Wasp

Hi Tjeerd,
This looks more like a Sand Wasp than a Fly to us.  We may not have time to research this completely before rushing off to work this morning, but we are posting your photo now and we will continue to research this gorgeous creature when we return to our offices.
  Here is a Sand Wasp image from ISpot.  Those orange legs are sure pretty.  Your photo is gorgeous.

Thanks a lot. You remarks took me to this site: where the same wasp is shown, a Crabronidaea
Many thanks.

Hi again Tjeerd,
And there is a comment with a link to Wikipedia and the indication the genus of this beauty is
Tachysphex.  The Sand Wasp tribe of Bembicini is contained within the family Crabronidae.  We believe the superfamily (if our memory of the endings is correct) Crabronidaea may be an obsolete taxonomy.  Here is the BugGuide taxonomy.

Hello Daniel
Thanks for your help. I notice insects is/are your passion .
Now this wasp knows its place in the hierarchy. So many insects, so many names. Maybe it’s good many many insects have not been discovered yet, your life would be even more complicated.

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