Subject:  found on back
Geographic location of the bug:  Boise, Idaho
Date: 05/01/2018
Time: 11:08 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  hello, I was sitting in my bed going though my phone when I felt something on my back. I immediately picked this bug off and took a picture. only found one but I am interested in what it’s called.
How you want your letter signed:  Joesph


Dear Joesph,
Do you have a cat or dog that goes outside?  Were you tramping about in the fields lately?  This is a Tick and here is a BugGuide image of an American Dog Tick for comparison.  Ticks feed on blood.

1 thought on “Tick”

  1. Don’t want to create a panic but it should be said that those carry two bad diseases, Lyme disease, and Rocky Mountaiin Spotted Fever. If that tick bit you enough to draw blood see a doctor for either disease.
    Any time you hike in wooded areas check your entire body for these bugs after the hike.


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