Tarantula Hawk feeding on Narrow-Leafed Milkweed in SLO County

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Location:  SLO County, California
January 10, 2013
san luis obispo county.
july 2005.
lots of lovelies at and near our house in paso robles!
you should come up one of these days.
have you seen the view?
Clare Marter Kenyon

Tarantula Hawk on Narrow-Leafed Milkweed

Thank you so much CLare,
This is a gorgeous photo that illustrates the importance of food plants to perpetuate animal species.  The Milkweed Meadow supports amazing ecosystems.  The complexity of the web of life surrounding the Tarantula Hawk is astounding since it is so particular about its diet, especially that of the larvae.  We once posted this photo of the danger of preying upon a predator.  We here at What’s That Bug? have seen a Tarantula Hawk in the Los Angeles River Bed in August several years ago, but never one in Mount Washington.

3 thoughts on “Tarantula Hawk feeding on Narrow-Leafed Milkweed in SLO County”

  1. Every few years in June, I see one of these giant wasps on the Red Car Property (Silver Lake)! I had no idea what it was until I searched your site today. Scared the hell out of me yesterday, just above the Historic Viaduct Footings at Fletcher & Riverside Drive (90039). I’d been shooting photos of the Kotolo Milkweed when a big black bug (at least 3″ long) with long rust colored wings, long legs & antenna startled me (same as the photo). It was flying & walking in & out of gopher holes. Couldn’t get a good photo, didn’t want to get close. Scared my dog too.

    • Hi Diane,
      Thanks for supplying an eye witness account of a Tarantula Hawk in Los Angeles proper. Several years ago, Daniel saw one in the Los Angeles River bed between the Hyperion Avenue bridge and the Fletcher Avenue bridge, right below the area you mentioned. Just last month, Daniel saw a Tarantula Hawk prowling the grounds near the Municipal Art Gallery in Barnsdell Park. There are most likely Tarantula Hawks in Griffith Park as well.


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