19 Black Beetles With Markings

In this article, we look at several black beetles that have distinctive markings. Beetles are a diverse group of insects, with many species varying in size, shape, and color. The black beetles we discuss here are known for their unique patterns and the specific roles they play in nature, such as pollinators, predators of pests, … Read more

20 Brown Beetles with White Stripes

Lined June Beetle

A variety of insects, including several species of beetles, can be found in any garden. While some of these beetles can be dangerous and harm plants and crops, others are helpful to the garden ecosystem and help control pest populations. This post will help you recognize brown (and similar colored) beetles that have white or … Read more

12 Black Beetles With Orange Head

Beetles, with their intricate behaviors and diverse habitats, are among the most fascinating insects on our planet. A particular group that captures attention is those with the striking contrast of black bodies and orange heads—a coloration that often serves as a warning to predators and a signal to mates. This article delves into the world … Read more

Orange Beetles In Garden: What To Do

Why Do Ladybugs Stink

In any garden, a variety of insects can be found, including several species of orange beetles. Some of these beetles are beneficial to the garden ecosystem, helping control pest populations, while others can be harmful, causing damage to plants and crops. In this article, we will identify common orange beetles that you may encounter, such … Read more

What Do Beetles Do: Exploring Their Fascinating World

Convergent Lady Beetle

Beetles are fascinating creatures that play vital roles in our ecosystems. They belong to the order Coleoptera, and with nearly 30,000 species known in the U.S. and Canada alone, they are the largest group of animals on Earth. These versatile insects serve multiple functions, from pollinators to decomposers, thereby maintaining the balance in nature. As … Read more

Cleridae: All You Need to Know – A Quick Guide to These Fascinating Beetles

Cleridae, commonly known as checkered beetles, are a diverse family of insects found within the order Coleoptera. Their unique appearance is characterized by elongate, parallel-sided bodies covered in long, bristly hairs, and they often sport bright, contrasting colors, such as yellow, red, orange, or blue against a black background. These beetles lead varied lifestyles, with … Read more