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Subject: Six Spotted Fishing Spider
Location: Mims, FL
March 1, 2013 5:51 pm
After a night of hunting alligators in Florida my husband found this spider while cleaning out the boat. He was so enamoured of it’s beauty he took this picture, he said it looked like velvet. We don’t have spiders like this (that I know of) in Montana. :) We were watching a show on Africa last night and they showed a Fishing Spider – I immediately recognized it.
Signature: Kirsten Brown

Six Spotted Fishing Spider

Six Spotted Fishing Spider

Dear Kirsten,
This is truly a gorgeous Six Spotted Fishing Spider.  We might even include it in a “10 Most Beautiful Spiders Photos” Tag on our site.
  This is truly a gorgeous photo of this species, but we have another image of this species, Dolomedes triton, where it is walking on the water and making dimples.

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Unusual Orb Weaver from Ecuador
Location:  Ecuador
January 24, 2013
Hi Daniel. I haven’t posted anything in a while so I thought it might be time. When it comes to ‘bugs’ you may have gathered that I have a particular fondness for the unique and unusual. So I am sending photos of my two favorite finds from a recent trip to the Ecuadorian Amazon (the second to follow shortly). This one is a tiny, rare and undeniably cute Orb Weaver spider called Encyosaccus sexmaculatus (Araneidae: Araneidaeincertae). The genus has only one described species and is native to the upper Amazon basin in Ecuador, Peru and Brazil. The bright colors suggest a warning (aposematic coloration). I haven’t found anything to suggest that they are particularly poisonous, so perhaps they are toxic or distasteful, or they may be mimicking something else that is. Regards. Karl

Orbweaver: Encyosaccus sexmaculatus

Hi Karl,
Thanks for sending us this positively gorgeous Orbweaver for our archives.  We found a few photos online, including this image from Arachnoboards.

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Subject: Commonly found spider
Location: Eastern Mediterranea,Agean Sea,Islands
October 9, 2012 3:43 pm
What kind of spider is this one? I encounter them everywhere, even in my house.They usually make a small web on the corners of walls and hide in there.
Signature: bs122

Huntsman Spider

Dear bs122,
You neglected to tell us the size of this beautiful creature, and we are guessing it is at least 4-5 centimeters across.  It is some species of Huntsman Spider or Giant Crab Spider, and we will try to do additional research.  We are also guessing you are on a Greek island.

Update:  October 14, 2012
We believe we have correctly identified this Huntsman spider as
Eusparassus walckenaeri based on this photo posted to the Crab Spiders website and this photo from the Forum Natura Mediterraneo site.

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Subject: large orb weaver?
Location: grand rapids, michigan
August 14, 2012 2:12 pm
hey daniel,
see attached images. very large spider with bright coloration on abdomen…
construction site in West Michigan.
Signature: thomas

Golden Orbweaver

Hi Thomas,
The most definite way to properly identify this Orbweaver is by its scientific binomial,
Argiope aurantia, however that name is too ponderous for many, so common names are often utilized for convenience.  The problem is that there are a variety of common names and some of those names also refer to other species.  Common names for Argiope aurantia include Golden Orbweaver, Yellow Garden Spider, Yellow Garden Orbweaver, Writing Spider, Black & Yellow Argiope, Black & Yellow Orbweaver, and perhaps a host of other names that are highly localized.

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Subject: Is this a fishing spider?
Location: Plains GA, Southwest GA
July 28, 2012 1:01 pm
I was cleaning out a tool shed and this little spider came running out from under some car ramps I picked up. Gave me quit the startle as s/he is very fast. It can also jump somewhere between 1 to 2 feet from what I witnessed. It was about 3 inches long and 2 inches wide. Could you confirm this is fishing spider? If so, what do they eat and such?
Signature: Thanks, Anthony

White Banded Fishing Spider

Hi Anthony,
While we find all Fishing Spiders beautiful, the White Banded Fishing Spider,
Dolomedes albineus, like the individual in your photograph, is the one we personally find the most beautiful.  Fishing Spiders will eat insects, other spiders and small vertebrates if they can catch them.  Those species that are found close to water are capable of catching small fish, tadpoles and other aquatic creatures.  The White Banded Fishing Spider is not one of the species that is typically found close to water.  BugGuide provides very little specific information on the White Banded Fishing Spider.

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Subject: Odd colorful spider
Location: Achaia, Greece
June 13, 2012 9:14 am
during a recent day trip to the wilderness I came across this odd colorful spider. What triggered my curiosity is that this awesome insect does not share the colors of the native Greek spiders (who commonly have earthly colors like brown and dark green), but looks like an exotic poisonous spider. Can you please identify it for me? Is it really poisonous or just flamboyant?
Thank you in advance!
Signature: Dimitris

Ladybird Spider

Dear Dimitris,
This beautiful spider is a harmless male Ladybird Spider in the genus
Eresus, a group of relatively rare spiders.  We have a lengthy post on our site of a female Ladybird Spider from Slovenia.  Ladybird Spiders are sexually dimorphic and the males and females appear to be different species.  This is a nice photo comparison of the sexes from ARKiveThere are some gorgeous photos of Ladybird Spiders on the Spiders of North West Europe website, including an image of possibly Eresus sandaliatus submitted by Dimitris Tzortzakis  from Kreta, Greece.  That wouldn’t be you, would it???

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