Stilt Legged Fly from Australia

Subject: What bugs are these?
Location: Cairns, QLD, Australia
December 3, 2016 7:11 am
Found these in my yard.
Signature: CE

Stilt Legged Fly
Stilt Legged Fly

Dear CE,
This is a Stilt Legged Fly in the family Micropezidae, and we are quite confident we have identified it as the Black Stilt Legged Fly,
Mimegralla australica, thanks to the Brisbane Insect website where it states:  “Flies in this family have very long legs, although the front pair is usually shorter. Their body is slender with patterned wings. They usually mimic either wasp or ant. This Black Stilt-legged Fly is black in colour with two write strips on each wings. All legs are black except the smaller front pair with write tips.”  This species is also pictured on the Atlas of Living Australia.  We are postdating this submission to go live to our site at the end of the month when we are away from the office for the holidays.

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  1. I am trying to identify a bug that keeps showing up in my home but overtime I try to look at your photos I am plaqued by advertisements that have nothing to do with bugs.


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