Subject:  What bug is this
Geographic location of the bug:  Texas
Date: 12/03/2017
Time: 04:55 PM EDT
What is this bug? I found it in an old glasses case.
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This is a Silverfish, a common household pest that will eat just about anything organic it finds in the home, including the wallpaper glue and the glue in book bindings.  We will postdate your submission to go live at the end of the month while our staff is out of the office for the holidays.

Update December 30, 2017:  Thanks to a comment, we now realize this is a Firebrat.

2 thoughts on “Firebrat”

  1. I know you may not see this while on holiday, but here it is:

    This silverfish is Thermobia domestica, the firebrat. Bugguide’s identification section says:

    “oblong/elongate yellowish body with dark brown bands and mottled spots on the dorsal surface; stout-bodied (abdomen relatively broad-tipped and often shorter than thorax, giving an overall “chunky” appearance)”


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