Rove Beetle

Subject:  Weird flying bug wandering aimlessly, crawls fast
Geographic location of the bug:  Northwest Michigan
Date: 07/11/2020
Time: 05:13 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman :  Kinda a scary bug. Not sure if it’s a wood eater looking to destroy my house?  An earwig?  Does it bite or sting?  He kept circling me and landing near me and chasing me. Maybe he just had a missing antennae and couldn’t steer
How you want your letter signed:  C

Gold and Brown Rove Beetle

Dear C,
Few people would recognize this as a Beetle, because it does not resemble most beetles.  This is a Gold and Brown Rove Beetle,
Ontholestes cingulatus, which is pictured on BugGuide.  According to BugGuide:  “Eggs are laid near carrion or fungi; pupate in chambers in soil nearby”  It will not harm your home.

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