Possibly Wool Carder Bee Nest

Subject:  Another query for you
Geographic location of the bug:  Tarn region, South West France
Date: 10/18/2017
Time: 11:25 AM EDT
Hi bugman Daniel,
Thanks for your speedy reply and for answering my question. Great service! I think your website is fantastic, with so much info there – you must be really fascinated by all these bugs.
I have another query for you. Another piece of wood, this time poplar with about 1cm or just under half inch holes. The larvae have gone but left behind stuff like cotton wool with a hard case inside – now empty. I guess it’s another beetle, but bigger this time. Any ideas?
Best regards,
Phil Anfield

European Wool Carder Bee Nest, we believe

Hi again Phil,
We believe this is the nest of a European Wool Carder Bee, a species represented on BugGuide because it has been introduced to North America.  According to BugGuide:  “Females collect ‘wool’ from downy plants such as Lamb’s Ears to line their nest cavities.”  Here is a FlickR image and a BugGuide image of the nest.


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