Soft Winged Flower Beetle from Australia

Subject: aussietrev possibly Criocerinae?
Location: Queensland, Australia
March 19, 2014 2:40 pm
Hi guys,
Watering the garden late yesterday and spotted this tiny guy foraging on my Kalamata Olive tree. About 8mm long and only managed this one shot before it dropped off into the grass and was gone. I’ve never seen one before and the only thing I can think of is a Narrow Necked Leaf Beetle but I cannot find any matching photos for ID. What do you think?
Signature: aussietrev

Rove Beetle, we believe
Rove Beetle, we believe

Hi Trevor,
Our first impression is that this looks like it must be a Rove Beetle in the family Staphylinidae, a very underrepresented family on the Brisbane Insect Website.
  According to BugGuide, the members of the family are:  “Thin, active beetles with shortened elytra that do not, at first glance, resemble beetles.”

Correction:  Soft Winged Flower Beetle.

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