Possibly Pale Wishbone Spider from Australia

Subject:  Rare pale wishbone spider
Geographic location of the bug:  Adelaide hills
Date: 05/04/2019
Time: 03:10 AM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Hi daniel, i think this
Is a pale wishbone spider can you confirm? Also i didnt kill this arafhnid because i love animals and bugs way too much lol also what insect/arachnid is its fav food And it looks like a mouse spider so how bad is the venom?
How you want your letter signed:  Cael Gallery

Possibly Pale Wishbone Spider

Dear Cael,
We cannot say for certain that this is a Pale Wishbone Spider, but it surely resembles the individual pictured on the Arachne.org.au where it states:  “Wishbone spiders are mostly medium-sized mygalomorphs, similar to funnelwebs, but with a golden or silvery look due to fine hairs on the head. They cannot climb smooth vertical surfaces. They have two small spinnerets seen at the rear end of the body, usually pointing up. Their name is derived from their Y shaped shallow burrows, to about 40cm deep, with one arm slightly concealed below the surface of the soil. The Main entrance is lightly covered with silk but has no door.”  Elsewhere on Arachne.org.au, Pale Wishbone Spiders in the genus
Aname are described as:  “A medium to large mygalomorph spider with an open burrow, in drier parts of Australia. The burrow is sometimes raised at the surface and shallow, Y shaped, lined with silk, and inclined perhaps to a depth of 40cm at most. This spider has a pale carapace, unusual for Aname, which usually are black spiders. Males have a long spine at the middle of the tibia, the shin section on the first leg, and are quick to rise to the defensive pose. The spinnerets project some distance beyond the rear, usually straight out.”

Ok Thank you, I am only 11 so not the best at identifying but I’m gonna pat myself on the back for getting that far lol

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