Possible Tick from Hawaii

Subject:  round bug with “eye”
Geographic location of the bug:  Honolulu in an industrial area
Date: 07/31/2019
Time: 11:53 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  This bug landed on my leg at work while i was eating lunch outside.   There is a canal nearby about and 1/8 of a mile. I was startled and it almost appeared as if the “eye blinked” i could not see any legs on it……i have NO CLUE what this is…….it was moving i just don’t know WHAT was moving……the entire bug seemed to move……i am unsure if it flew away or what…….i grabbed my camera and got this shot  ……THANKS TONS
How you want your letter signed:  Tony Seymour

Possibly a Tick

Dear Tony,
Your image is lacking significant detail, and our best guess on this is that you encountered a Tick.

Wow…..thanks a lot for getting back from yesterday so quickly.
That picture of a tick looks about right……I just didn’t see any legs on mine…..but that is the closest to an explanation as I need.
I was using an old flip phone to take the photo……..
Tony Seymour

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