Here’s a ladybird?? I found today
I’m so curious …I had never seen this bug in my garden before and I am assuming it’s a ladybird of some sort. I just released a couple of cartons of ladybirds about 2 weeks ago in my garden but none looked like this. Thanks in advance for taking a peek at this one

hi Sandra,
This greatly resembles a photo we found on BugGuide listed as an “unusual colour form” of Adalia bipunctata, the Two Spotted Ladybird Beetle.

Correction: (05/11/2008)
Hi, Daniel:
A couple quick corrections to recent postings, if I may: … The “Two-spotted ladybird beetle: unusual color form” is actually a “pine lady beetle” in the genus Mulsantia. M. picta is the common species, but this may be a different one. Otherwise, spot on as usual:-) Keep up the great work! Cheers,

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pretty little blue butterfly.
sorry i forgot to attach the photo. this butterfly was found in Cades Cove here in east Tennessee. I think its one of the blues but im not sure. i would love to identify the species. anyway hope you enjoy the photo. i love your website.
Michael D.

Hi Michael,
This sure looks to us like an Eastern Tailed Blue, Cupido comyntas.

What is it?
Location: Palm Bay, FL 32905
Date: May 6, 2008
Plant: perhaps a Spider Lily a clumping lump of bulbs I have 7 of these guys now. Any idea what it is? Notice the tiny ‘hairs’ on the body.

Hi Sandy,
This was an easy identification for us because we just received another photo of the Convict Caterpillar last week. The Convict Caterpillar eventually becomes the lovely Spanish Moth, Xanthopastis timais.

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Eastern Tent Caterpillars
Here is a picture I took while hiking along the C&O canal in Maryland. These things are EVERYWHERE and until I took a look at your site, I thought they were Gypsy Moth Caterpillars. My 4 year old son and I were at the National Zoo the other day and while the elephants couldn’t hold his attention, he was facinated by these caterpillars inching along all over the place. He then collected several and gently placed them on his shirt and then proceeded to strut around the zoo covered in them like some caterpillar tamer on Animal Planet. Alas, I did not have my camera with me that day. Thanks for the great site!

Hi Tracy,
Thanks for your touching story. We have recently received several images of individual Eastern Tent Caterpillars, Malacosoma americanum, but we have not posted them. Your photo is a textbook example for identification purposes.

Bug Man
Hello! I found this little guy on my back porch. I’ve never seen anything like it! It looks like a spider and a moth mated! Please help me I’ve been racking my brain! Thanks

Hi Natasha,
In the past few weeks, we have received countless images of Polyphemus Moths. We have so many images in our archives, that we have opted to take our limited time to post other species instead. Thanks for sending such an interesting angle of view and we love your observations on imagined possible inter-species hybridization.

What bug is this?
I live in the southern San Joaquin Valley in California, and I found these bugs under metal barrels and logs. They are about a half inch long. I’ve seen them crawl and "hop". After looking at your website, it seems to be a cockroach, but I haven’t been able to identify it for sure. Thanks for your help!
Kelvin Furgerson

hi Kelvin,
These are Desert Cockroaches in the genus Arenivaga according to images on BugGuide.