YellowJacket/Paper Wasp or something else?
Thanks for the Reply. We live in Mill Creek, just south of Everett, Western Washington State. We have a bunch of these (20+) flying low all around our front yard. My best guess would be a Paper Wasp or Yellow Jacket, but the coloring doesn’t match any of the pictures I found. Just wondering if we need to have someone come out and take care of them. We’ve check the closest tree and the house eves and don’t see any nests. They don’t seem to go into the back yard, or the neighbors front yard. They are not aggressive at all. They don’t seem to care if we are walking through the yard or not.. Thanks Again..

hi Stephen,
Thanks for writing back so quickly and providing a location. That is so critical with many identifications. We can tell you that this is NOT a yellow jacket nor a paper wasp, but we are not exactly sure what it is and it will require some research. Meanwhile, we will also contact Eric Eaton for identification assistance.

The wasp is an ichneumon wasp, family Ichneumonidae. Pretty much impossible to give a more specific identification without having the actual specimen to look at under a microscope. As larvae, alll ichneumons are parasitic on other insects (spiders in a few cases).

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

What is this bug?
We woke up this morning to find our house completely infested with these, a couple of hundred of them. Their bodies are about one inch long. They have four wings, the longer set being about two inches. They seem to have stingers. They were all sluggish when we woke up and found them. My husband was able to sweep them up without much trouble. Their wings make a very loud buzzing sound. We live on the Pacific coast in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico. Thanks,

Hi Jennifer,
You have experienced the nuptial flight of king and queen edible Leaf Cutter Ants. They usually take flight after a summer rain.

Your Help Please
We have recently moved to the Charente region of France and are fascinated by the insect life much of which we have not seen before. Grateful if you could identify the attached and provide any information you may have about it. Many thanks and best regards.
David Williams

Hi Dave,
The Blue Rosalia, Rosalia alpina, is a gorgeous European beetle that has been featured on numerous stamps. Congratulations on your sighting.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

Will you please identify this bug for us? We are split between palo verde beetle and a pine sawyer. Let us know please! If it helps, it was found on the side of my house on July 9, 2008. It has been around 90 degrees here. I am in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. Thanks!!

Hi Alisa,
Your large Prionid is Ergates spiculatus which Hogue refers to as a Pine Sawyer, but BugGuide refers to this species as the Ponderosa Pine Borer to differentiate it from other species in the genus Monochamus commonly called Pine Sawyers.

Update: from Eric Eaton (07/11/2008)
P.S. I am so-o-o-o envious of the folks that found the Ergates! I lived in Oregon for what, 27 years, and never saw ONE! Well, ok, from 0-9 years probably doesn’t count….:-)

Water Scorpion
I have a penchant for taking photos of insects while up at the cottage. Last week I had the pleasure of meeting this amazing guy/gal. After the second shot it decided to leave and flew across the lake to the other side. From your site I believe it to be a water scorpion, the first I have seen in the Haliburton/Minden area just south of Algonquin Park in Ontario, Canada.

Thank you for your high quality image of a Water Scorpion in the genus Ranatra.

Hi, we found these bugs in the road, we think they are privit hawks but arent 100% We moved them out of the road because they would have been squashed and are now in our garden. We live in the south of england.

Hi Danny,
Your identification of the Privet Hawk-Moth, Sphinx ligustri, is correct.