Stinging Rose I believe
My name is David Donaldson, I am a nature photographer and recently I was backpacking through the woods of the near Flagstaff, AZ when I came across this little thing on the ground. Could you possibly let me know if my assumption on it being a version of the stinging rose. Thanks for your time!
Dave Donaldson

Hi Dave,
We have gotten four requests for identifications of similar caterpillars from Arizona in the past week. They were all members of the genus Automeris, but there are at least four species found in Arizona. Your caterpillar is the only one we can identify for certain. This is a Cecrops Eyed Silkmoth Caterpillar, Automeris cecrops. It matches an image on the Butterflies and Moths of North America website.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

I failed to mention earlier that we’re in Greensboro, NC and the little guys are over 2 inches long. This caterpillar, yes, that is a caterpillar, is eating my fringe tree which is very small and can’t take much more! there are five of these and I don’t want to kill them if they are going to turn into some lovely butterfly or moth…. it’s head is to the right, with the three hairy brown balls hanging off of it….lower left is its back end.

Hi Melissa,
Probably 15 letters will go unanswered because we spent so much time trying to identify your bizarre caterpillar. We were relatively sure it was an Owlet Moth in the family Noctuidae, one of the largest moth families. We scoured BugGuide until we located Harris’s Three Spot, Harrisimemna trisignata. The hairy balls are actually “old dry head capsules shed by the earlier instars!” The adults are a very lovely moth, also pictured on BugGuide.

Spiders on Kauai, hawaii
Hi, I found these spiders last week on the hawaiian island of Kauai, and was wondering if you could identify them for me. The green one was very small, but he was pretty conspicious, as he was running across the dirt. Almost flourescent green/yellow. Awesome site you’ve got here. Thanks!
Julie Dixon

Hi Julie,
The Garden Spider, Argiope appensa, is a magnificent specimen. According to Wikipedia, it has been introduced to Hawaii. Your small green spider is a Crab Spider.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

What is this bug?
Found this one in Ocala, Florida. Learned real fast not to touch this one for it let out one heck of a stink!

Hi Curtis,
These are mating Muskmares, or more correctly, a Muskmare and her stallion. They are Anisomorpha buprestoides, Two-striped Walkingsticks. The smell you mentioned was the least of your worries. These Walkingsticks can shoot a noxious substance from glands in the “neck” region with amazing accuracy. They have hit more than one of our readers in the eye and the irritation and blurry vision may last for hours.

Preying Mantis Threesome
Hi Bugman!
I just stumbled across your fantastic website while searching for pictures of a Mantis Threesome. No, I’m not a pervert! I just found these guys “doing it” at my kitchen window and since I’ve never seen Mantis Lovin’ before, I wanted to see how common it was for two males to be attempting to mate with one female. At one point while taking pictures, I’m quite sure she said, “Will you please get this knuckleheads off me???”. Blessings,
Amy Jordan
Andrews, Texas

Hi Amy,
If you have looked at our site closely, you know that we have received another documentation of Preying Mantis group sex. Thanks for sending us your excellent candid documentation of this not quite rare occurrance.

Green Lynx Spider
I was told this is a green lynx spider, and thought you might enjoy these photos I took of one on my passion vine.

What a wonderful addition to our Food Chain pages: a Green Lynx Spider feeding on a Gulf Fritillary.